Big Brothers Big Sisters of South Central Wisconsin
Serving Dodge, Jefferson, Rock and Walworth Counties


What is a Big?

Big Brothers, Big Sisters and Big Couples are people who volunteer to spend time with a youth between the ages of 6-14. Volunteers need to be 16 years of age or older and come from all types of backgrounds such as college students, business professionals, retirees or stay-at-home individuals. 'Bigs' usually spend a few hours a month spending one-on-one time with an area child. Through the Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring program, both children and adults share everyday experiences that enrich the lives of all involved.

Lunch Buddies Matches (School/Site Based)

All it takes is one 45 minute lunch out of your week to laugh, talk or play a board game with your Little. Through simple friendships, Bigs experience the joy of helping children discover a world of possibilities and opportunities.

Volunteers visit their Little at school one lunch hour a week. This special time can be the source of positive outcomes in youth. This program is perfect for the busy business professional with a flexible lunch schedule, college students, stay-at-home individuals or retirees. Through our tri-county service area, Big Brothers Big Sisters is partnering with over 20 school through the Lunch Buddies program.

Community Based Matches

Bigs and Littles get together a few times a month to enjoy everyday experiences together. Low-cost or no-cost activities such as taking a bike ride, baking cookies, visiting the library or raking leaves typically are the things they do together. During these outings, they cultivate relationships that provide the Littles with skills to manage everyday challenges. If one of these volunteer opportunities sounds like you, please call our offices or fill out an on-line application and you will be contacted by a Big Brothers Big Sister representative shortly.

This form is for signing up to receive an application for becoming a Little Brother/Little Sister (It is not an official application for our program). The information you provide will be used to send you an official application form and information about Big Brothers Big Sisters.

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