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Covid-19 Update

The rapid spread of the coronavirus and important measures put in place to reduce the spread of the coronavirus are isolating the young people and families we serve, presenting challenges to their financial, emotional, and physical wellbeing. We are stepping up to keep our Littles connected to their Bigs, provide moral support and essential resources to families.

We are pursuing options for continued engagement so the strong mentoring relationship continues between the mentor and mentee. Staff is working to share activities, methods of staying in touch and sharing resources that will help us all navigate this crisis.

Unfortunately, the ripple effect of the coronavirus and the resulting economic downturn threaten the fundraising channels of local agencies and force cancellations of fundraising events that were critically important to sustain the organizations and continue the needed mentoring services and family support.

The mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters is to create and support one-to-one mentoring relationships that ignite the power and promise of youth.

We are focused on making sure our mission will continue as we continue to encourage the mentoring practices, however in a new and digital way during these challenging times of social distancing.